Full House Printing
  • Full House Printing: Greener by the Year
    Full House Printing grows greener by the year. We are environmentally conscious and eagerly keep up with the green trends in our business. Luckily there have been basic advances in printing production in recent years.
    Paper Full House uses paper that is either recycled or post-consumer stock or from tree farms grown specifically for paper-making. The goal is to halt paper production from illegally deforested trees and conserve forests. In addition, we recycle unused or “make-ready” paper and give “leftovers” to schools and other groups.
    InkSoy ink also known as vegetable-oil ink has replaced traditional petroleum-based ink in all our production areas. Soy ink is a great advancement in the print industry. Soy inks are popular for their vibrant colors; safe and efficient to produce; soy ink can also be easily removed from paper, which greatly helps in paper recycling.
    ChemicalsOur production facilities are alcohol-free. Fountain solutions, washing solutions, etc. are free of or use reduced VOC solutions. The same is true for all Aqueous and UV coatings used in printing processes. We are on the constant lookout for safer and more environmentally friendly press room products which are constantly being improved. Full House Printing recycles all solutions and properly removes hazardous waste from our facilities.